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brownshwty asked: I like the saying "voting with your dollars." Is there anything you've changed in your spending habits that reflect that?


I’m a serial boycotter. 

I didn’t buy anything from PepsiCo for at least 8 years. It was hard. Do you know how much shit Pepsi owns? I cut them niggas out of my life. 

I don’t buy any Apple products. I own 2 pairs of Beats headphones (i got them for free) and now that Apple acquired the company I’m getting rid of them. I’m not walking down the street advertising their product. 

I’ve never eaten Chic-Fil-A. I don’t even know what it tastes like and I never will. They go too far with that anti-gay shit. 

I’ve been boycotting WSHH since 2011 or so. They won’t earn a red cent of ad revenue from me. I deliberately go out of my way to use other video sites. 

This isn’t even revolutionary to me its just common sense. If you don’t fuck with a company and you don’t like the things they do, why would you still give them your money?

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vend-etta asked: Why do black people straighten their hair if non-black people can't get corn row/ box braid/ whatever you consider a "black" hairstyle



why do white people always try to make this non-point false equivalence when they know these are two completely different realities that don’t compare on any plane whatsoever

white people not only make black people hate their hair at an individual emotional level but literally at a systemic level in which black people are and have been for the last century unable to get jobs, attend colleges, enlist in the armed forces, etc. because of the treatment of their natural hair. there literally is nothing white people have to compare…

white people are not getting box braids because they feel pressured to, or out of fear that they won’t have access to a job or anything, but instead because they know it’s an “edgy black people thing” that they’re doing to be counter culture and subversive. there is literally no pressure on earth for anyone INCLUDING BLACK PEOPLE to worship or utilize Black hairstyles or Black hair in its natural state and you fucking know it. It’s literally the complete opposite for white hair. grow up

white people are not gelling down baby hairs for social mobility or financial security or comfort or assimilation.

credit to black—lamb

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    12 year old Vanessa VanDyke is being threatened with expulsion from Faith Christian Academy in Orlando unless she cuts her natural hair.

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"MEN WHO GO PLACES" "WAS IT HER RESUME OR HER RELAXER?" white people don’t have ads telling them "you will not be successful in life unless you have cornrows and box braids with gelled down baby hairs" because that isn’t the case. address this in the context of reality, maybe???

All of this. ALL OF THIS. READ THIS ^^^^^^

White people didn’t invent straight hair either. There are Black people with straight hair. That’s not a “White style”.


boy toy named aubrey used to live in toronto



*black woman is sexual*
*black woman explicitly states that they’re doing it for themselves and nobody else*
*white feminist pulls up in their white feminist mini van blaring iggy azalea*
*adjusts their tina fey inspired frameless glasses* Ummmmmmmmm im uncomfortable with you doing that it makes me feel as if you’re pandering to the male gaze you should be more in control of your image sweetie:)

This stems from the stereotype of the ‘Jezebel”.

The Trifecta: Primetime Women of Color (Legal Eagle Edition)

Jessica Pearson, managing partner of Pearson Specter law firm (Suits, 2011— )
Olivia Pope, head of Pope & Associates crisis management firm (Scandal, 2012— )
Annalise Keating, Criminal Law professor (How to Get Away with Murder, 2014— )

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what stopping girl hate is about:

ending internalised misogyny and the prioritisation of men over each other

what stopping girl hate is not about:

expecting women of colour, disabled women and LGBTQA+ women to excuse racism, ableism, homophobia and transmisogyny simply because it’s coming from other women


Jesse Williams speaks the truth (X)

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I’ve been waiting for someone to make this a gif

damn near 30 years ago and still relevant

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i think that when people are shocked about a beautiful person getting cheated on, it reminds me that we don’t ever really go into detail about unpacking what cheating is about.

in my opinion

you don’t cheat on someone because you found someone better or more attractive, because those are reasons to break up with someone and move on.

people cheat because they are cowards, and save from situations of abuse/circumstance where you cannot leave a person, people who cheat make a conscious decision to do so, and cheat out of a lack of respect for their partner and an insecurity of self.

when you know who you are and what you want, you pick your partner and you stick with them, to dibble dabble, to go both ways, to be wishy washy in who you deal with is a demonstration that indecision is a decision. you couldn’t pick what’s more important, the one you’re with or the one you want, and so you decided to cheat.

a person can be gorgeous and smart and funny and “perfect, “ but that doesn’t make them immune from being cheated on. because cheating is about the cheater, not the person getting cheated on. it is not about the inadequacies of the person cheating on, but the inadequacies of the cheater

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thank you for this!