Popcorn Fairy

— White anthropologist lady,

I just seriously, SERIOUSLY want to sit down and ask you why the HELL you though it was a-okay to color your skin brown to match those you were around for the sake of “fitting in” and being a member of their culture.

Historical context of blackface aside, did you even consider how you would’ve reacted if an African person came into your (presumably white) community and decided to cake on white powder in an effort to study you by “fitting in”? The hell did you think those women are? They are not animals. They will not automatically praise you for your lackluster efforts at “fitting in”, so why are you sitting there all surprised that they aren’t eating your shit up? If that’s your idea on respecting other cultures, then you are one SAD excuse for an anthropologist. 

Also, you weren’t completely immersed in the culture if you couldn’t even bother to take your shirt off. That is a remnant of the culture you’re attached to. It baffles me how you go the extra mile to change the color of your skin (which probably took you hours to do), but you can’t even take your top off.

I can’t even believe that shit was serious. No one can believe you were serious. That’s why everyone is fucking laughing at you.

Continue crying.